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For nearly 50 years, Kanomax has led the market in developing measuring instrumentation for the technology and engineering fields including fluid mechanics, environmental, particles, aerosol, and customized systems products. The company is held in high esteem in Japan, where the company originated. In addition to its industrial and academic pursuits, Kanomax recently launched its global operations. The company hopes to introduce its reliable technology and measuring solutions to a worldwide audience. As a commitment to the future of the company, Kanomax constantly seeks customer feedback for the development of future products and services. The company is dedicated to growth and development, and hangs its hat on their corporate philosophy, “Pursue Creativity and Innovation.”

History of Kanomax

Founded in 1951, Kanomax originated in the Kano Lab by the company’s founder Goro Kano. Since its inception, the company has focused on excelling in engineering through research in fluid, aerosol, particle, environmental, and integrated system measurement technologies. Once the company developed, it began mass production of Anemometers and became a world leader in its production within the decade. The company expanded its offerings over the next couple of decades, and then established its US operations in 1996 and US sales operations in 2005. Today, Kanomax operates in two main domains: environmental measurement and research measurement.

Kanomax truly believes that creativity and innovation spur advancement. Using these ideas, the company constantly strives to produce new and innovative designs for its market.

Associations and Networks

Kanomax is active in the global community and remains a member of several industrial associations including the Indoor Air Quality Association, the International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering, Institute of Environmental Sciences and Technology, and the American Industrial Hygiene Association. Konomax also has a global network of subsidiaries and distributors. The company is affiliated with Shenyang Konomax Instrument Co, Ltd, Konomax Japan, Inc., Konomax USA, Inc., and Konomax Holdings, Inc. These companies form the Konomax Group. Together, the groups operate to expand Konomax across the globe and establish its reputation as a worldwide leader in measurement solutions.

Main Product Offerings

Kanomax produces a wide range of effective and reliable measurement products. These products are time tested and reliable for a variety of industrial applications. Such measurement instruments include:

  • Anemomaster Series
  • Climomaster Series
  • Multichannel measurement models
  • Indoor air quality monitors
  • Digital sound level meters
  • Airflow transducer models
  • Aerosol Monitors
  • Laser particle counters
  • Air velocity transmitters
  • Pressure calibrators
  • Gas flow calculators
  • And more