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E Instruments

E Instruments International

E Instruments provides a complete range of measurement and detection instruments for a variety of applications. Based in Pennsylvania, E Instruments has years of experience in producing reliable, effective, and cost-efficient workplace safety solutions. As the company has grown and expanded, their industrial reach and product offerings have as well. The company currently produces a wide variety of measurement and calibration products that are suitable for use in a multitude of industries. Any industry that requires air quality measurement and analysis would benefit from E Instruments International products.

E Instruments International Products

E Instruments International products fall into five general categories: industrial emissions analyzers, HVAC combustion analyzers, indoor air quality measurers, test and measurement series, and calibrators. Many of these products are portable and handheld. Each purchase also comes with extensive support by E Instruments International. Their customer support includes call centers, training programs, tutorials, online resources, and product guides. When purchasing an E Instruments International product, you are guaranteed to receive the very safety instrument that incorporates the latest technology with time tested designs. For workplace safety, E Instruments International is a reputable choice for efficient and cost effective safety solutions. Some of their products include

  • The E1100 Model of gas analyzers, replacement parts, and accessories
  • The E4400 Model of gas analyzers, replacement parts, and accessories
  • The E5500 Model of gas analyzers, replacement parts, and accessories
  • The E8500 Model of gas analyzers, replacement parts, and accessories
  • Industry Applications

    Its products are suitable for a variety of industrial applications. From energy audits and indoor air quality measurements to refineries and chemical plants, E Instruments International has tools and equipment that can help users maintain the highest standards of safety while providing the most accurate readings. Other suitable applications include industrial boilers, HVAC residential, gas engines, diesel engines, power plants, gas turbines and cogeneration, cement furnaces and kilns, gas leak detection, calibration labs, metrology labs, and weatherization. E Instruments International produces a range of products that fit the needs of industries and applications where air quality and safety measurements are needed.

    For complete information about any E Instruments International product, consult the product’s datasheet or contact E Instruments International.