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Casella CEL

Casella CEL

Casella CEL is an incredibly unique industrial solutions manufacturer with a history of four centuries in science and technology. Over those four centuries, Casella evolved greatly and adjusted its operations to meet the changing times. Today, the company offers a variety of safety solutions designed to measure and monitor occupational and industrial hazards such as dust, noise, heat stress, and gases. Casella CEL strives to bring innovation and value to the industrial market by offering products that utilize the latest technology and time tested designs. Its factory trained staff of engineers and experts work diligently day in and day out to bring quality and effective products to the world market.

At Casella CEL, management recognizes the company’s long history of providing high quality, user friendly equipment for occupational and environmental applications. The company is committed to its customers and constantly works to bring durable and valuable products that far exceed their price point. Casella CEL also provides support to its customers through its great customer service and realizes that service is part of the product. The company continues to innovate and implement advanced technologies to meet the changing needs of the modern workplace.

A History of Casella CEL

In 1799, the company was established to manufacture scientific apparatus. Shortly after, Louis Pascal Casella partnered with the company, and Casella was born. At that time, Casella manufactured navigation and exploration devices, medical research equipment, and meteorological instruments. Over time, their manufacturing focus expanded to include surveying instruments and industrial hygiene equipment. In 1952, the company produced its first personal air sampling pump. By the 1970s, Casella moved into the US market and started to develop brand recognition and a loyal following. In 2006, Casella was acquired by US based IDEAL Industries, Inc. Both IDEAL and Casella share a passion for innovation and a goal of providing great services to its customers.

IDEAL Industries, Inc.

IDEAL Industries shares Casella’s value driven goals and understands that their product’s worth far exceeds its selling price. With IDEAL Industries, customers receive a high quality, cost effective product that is backed by superb customer service including technical support, operational benefits, and a state of the art delivery system. IDEAL has distribution facilities all over the world that supply products in the electrical, DataComm, wire processing, and electrical markets.

Major Product Offerings

Casella CEL products incorporate numerous features that improve the instruments’ operability and add value to the equipment. Some of their major products include:

  • Sampling pumps
  • Personal monitors
  • Light meters
  • Meteorological equipment
  • Database management software
  • Sound level meters
  • Dust monitors
  • And more