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Biosystems and Sperian Protection Instrumentation LLC

Biosystems has progressed through a series of acquisitions and mergers to become the gas detection giant that it is today. Originally, Biosystems evolved into Sperian Protection Instrumentation, LLC. Sperian Instrumentation was then acquired by Honeywell Analytics Americas in 2010. Sperian became a part of the Honeywell Automation and Control Solutions Life Safety business. Together, the companies provide some of the finest gas detection devices on the global market. Since their founding, each of the company has worked tirelessly to advance their field by incorporating the modern technology with innovative design. Today, the Biosystem line of products by Honeywell Analytics represents the very best in decades worth of field experience.

Sperian Protection Instrumentation LLC

Sperian Instrumentation was well known for their first rate design and manufacturing capabilities. The company continues to have great brand recognition with a reputation for reliable premium products. Biosystems and Sperian Instrumentation products can be found all over the world in a number of hazardous locations. Their full range of gas detection devices provided essential safety solutions to their dedicated and loyal customer base. From portable gas monitors to fixed gas detection systems, the companies were able to meet any industrial atmospheric monitoring need.

Honeywell Analytics Americas and Honeywell Life Safety

Honeywell Analytics Americas went through a series of evolutions and acquisitions before becoming Honeywell Analytics. The company started designing and manufacturing gas detection devices for the boating industry as J&S Seiger Ltd. The company was acquired by the Zellweger Luwa Group and changed its name to Zellweger Analytics in 1979. By 2005, Honeywell acquired the company and renamed it Honeywell Analytics. Today, Honeywell is a Fortune 500 company dedicated to providing the world the most reliable and effective gas detection solutions. Biosystems by Honeywell Analytics is backed by years’ worth of experience and incredible brand recognition.

Major Product Offerings

Biosystems and Honeywell Analytics offer multiple products designed to meet industrial gas detection needs. Their products include a wide range of exclusive features designed to enhance operability and user experience. They also produce a variety of cost effective accessories, replacement parts, and sensors. Some of their major products include

  • The Biosystems PHD 6 series multi gas detectors
  • The Biosystems ToxiPro single gas detector
  • The MultiPro multi gas detector
  • Calibration gases and regulators
  • Gas detector accessories
  • Docking stations for a variety of models
  • And more